Puckering: Habanero & Raw Mango
Puckering: Habanero & Raw Mango
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Puckering: Habanero & Raw Mango

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Spice level: 🔥🔥🔥 High

Quantity: 110 grams 

Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, Raw Mango, Onions, Coriander, Lime, Jaggery, Olive Oil, Salt, White Vinegar

Each batch is made fresh and may take a maximum of 6 days to be ready.

The seasonal Puckering is available only during the months of May-August and combines the tartness of raw mangoes with the fiery habanero to bring together a sweet, puckeringly sour, and spicy flavour bomb. This flavour is an ode to the childhood memory of drinking raw mango juice during hot summer days and gives center stage to this often-overlooked fruit.

Since every jar is made out of fresh ingredients slight variations in flavour and appearance may occur.

Please notify us in case of any allergies.

100% gluten-free, preservative-free, and vegan


Ordering Instructions

All Haute Sauces are always made fresh on order. We never have any as ready stock, as we believe making them fresh is the key in ensuring quality and taste. 

Since all jars are made on order, we are unable to offer next day delivery. Once the sauce is prepared and ready for delivery, you will receive another email from us where you can confirm the delivery date and time slot. 

Shelf Life

Puckering Haute Sauce is best consumed within 2 weeks from the date of production, if kept under the right conditions.



Please ensure that the sauces are stored correctly. Since they do not contain any preservatives, they can’t be stored the same way as commercial hot sauces. 

  • Always ensure that the Haute Sauce is refrigerated. We recommend keeping the Haute Sauces at the very back of the refrigerator where it’s the coldest and not at the front of the fridge or in the fridge door.
  • Always keep the jar shut. The rubber gasket does a good job of not letting air in when it’s closed. 
  • Please make sure to always use a clean and dry spoon when taking out the Haute Sauce. Using a wet or contaminated spoon to scoop the sauce will cause it to spoil.
  • Never keep a metallic spoon inside the jar indefinitely.



Our Haute Sauces are spicy, so eat responsibly. There are so many different ways you can enjoy it – mix it into your pasta sauce, stews, stir fries, salad dressings, mayonnaise to kick things up a notch; marinate your meats with it; have it on a slice of freshly-made sourdough with a drizzle of good-quality olive oil; make spicy loaded fries; or try our favourite way to eat it - on top of a sunny side up egg (runny yolk, of course)

Haute Sauces are created to pair with any cuisine – spice up a Morrocan tajine or a Mexican chilli con carne, heap it onto a mutton biryani, or add it to hummus to give it that extra fire. And if you’re feeling brave – just use it as a dipping sauce. 

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Ridhii B.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Can there be more stars?

Finished half a jar on quesadilla night, and eating veggies has never been more exciting! This sauce in particular has such a striking flavour, the raw mangoes & habanero heat = perfection in a bottle. Its made being on a diet EASY!!!!

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Mind Blowing!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of HauteSauce since inception. The love, creativity and sheer depth of flavour profile that Ambika’s creations have blew me away from first spoonful. I remember trying Puckering for the first time and thinking, how did I live my life this long without this! It has over the year+ become my most favourite of her 4 sauces (of which I’ve tried all and love). The sharpness of the raw mangoes mixed with the heat of the habaneros is something that leaves you with that beautifully puckered mouth and smile on your face. I wait with anticipation every mango season for this limited release and have to say it absolutely perfect on just about anything! ❤️

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
The sauce is bomb

Omg Ambika! I loved loved loved it. Sooooo much. Gosh it’s tooo good! You do magic with habaneros. Please...whenever you make Puckering... one jar always for me.

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Even my daughter lovesss the puckering by the way, she’s only 9 she was so happy when she saw it now.

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Ambika..... I have no words.