Our Haute Sauces have lit many mouths on fire. Quite a few have tried our sauces and had some interesting things to say about them. Read what others who've tried our sauces have to say, and decide for yourself if they are worth the pain (or pleasure, if that's your jam).

I’m a massive fan of sriracha but Haute Sauce blows that out of the water! You did mention the kick but I never expected how much it actually kicks you out of your chair ! So it’s been the perfect compliment to eggs & toast, ham baguette & enchiladas! I’ll be ordering again when this goes, but a little goes a long long way.


OMGGG!! I absolutely love the sauce Ambika😍😍 its as if someone heard my prayers😄 i often have to compromise on the spice level because dad doesn't like more than one chilli in any dish. People close to me know that I LOVE spicy food and I swear I can have a tablespoon of your sauce with my food everyday hahaha! Thank you sooo much!! I loveee it and i am definitely going to recommend it to everyone i know


I absolutely loved loved loved it. It’s fire on my tongue, honestly I’ve never tasted anything like this..It’s a spicy lover's dream come true! I opened the jar of the Original, and as soon as the aroma came out, I realized your warning ahahah. It really is insane🔥 And then I mixed a bit of original with mellowing, and WOW. The jars are half full now 🙈


I loved the sauce, it’s perfect. It’s probably the most tasteful hot sauce I’ve ever had and I’ve lived in Miami with the influence of Latin culture of adding spice to everything. It’s my new addiction. And I can honestly have it as a dip. I want more


I don’t think I was fair with my judgement when I said the sauce is really good.. Your sauce is on another level.. sooo sooooo soooooo good. I just boiled some eggs because i didn't have other food to eat it with and i was craving it so much 😂😂Now i'm contemplating whether its ok to put it on a banana 🍌




I've had the sauce on every meal so far. Can't get enough of it. Been here for 2 years and i wish i knew about this when i first got here.


Ok I may have gone a little overboard on the sauce but it tastes SO GOOD I just couldn't help it! My mouth was on fire for a solid 20mins and that was JUST FINE WITH ME.


Fantastic sauce. I like hot sauces that don’t just have heat. But are full of flavor, with the perfect texture. You nailed both. Amazing job, keep up the great work. This stuff is quality


I died. But I’m back. This sauce is great. I’m so impressed by the heat and flavor at the same time. Normally where there is this much heat you compromise on flavor. But I can taste your seasoning and coriander. Which is AWESOME


You know what’s funny! I used to have the haute sauce all to me as my partner doesn’t like sauces. Since about two days ago, he has been requesting it on everything !!! And it’s finishing my stock. It’s just the best.


BLESS YOUR HOT SAUCE. I'm on a meal plan this month, but I just sprinkled it liberally on a very bland meal and OH JOYYYYY


Your sauce is 💣 truly! All you need is a drop to enhance flavor. Perfect for my palette. Thank you for creating a superlative product.


We were discussing how perfect your sauces are. The sauces are zesty, punchy, vibrant and fresh all the while burning our mouths.