About Us

Ambika Rajgopal - Haute Sauce Haute Sauce Making

Haute Sauce is a UAE-based artisanal range of small-batch hot sauces made out of fresh ingredients. Haute Sauce was founded when we discovered a dearth of good-quality, natural hot sauces in the market. We decided to remedy this situation by making our own range of sauces that are not only bursting with heat and flavour, but are also completely natural, vegan, gluten-free, and preservative-free.

We wholeheartedly believe there's something memorable about eating something that was made specially for you. We put this into practice by freshly handmaking every single bottle of Haute Sauce, just a few days before you receive it. We don’t offer next day delivery because we believe freshness, care, and good old-fashioned fresh veggies (including loads of super hot peppers) are integral to making our hot sauces taste better and spicier than the rest in the market. 

This insistence on freshness stems from our childhood. While growing up, food at home was always freshly cooked. Leftovers were never put back in the fridge to be eaten the next day, but instead distributed to friends or neighbours. This is one of the reasons we only make small batches of Haute Sauce at a time. We don’t like seeing Haute Sauce bottles that are unclaimed or sitting sadly in the fridge waiting for someone to come love it. 

Our favourite part about making artisanal hot sauce is the diverse nature of the peppers we work with and how these feisty little peppers all have their own distinct personality - some tend to be smokier, some fruitier, and some sharper. Through Haute Sauce, we hope to be able to do justice to the natural flavour of each of these beautiful peppers.

- Ambika Rajgopal, Founder and Chief Sauce-ress